Alex Butler -

Guitarist, Musician, Tutor

"Let the music set you free"

Nominated 'Best Young Artist' in the British Blues Awards 2015 (Vote here)

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Red Butler Music School

Earlier this year myself and good friend (also Red Butler drummer and tutor) Charlie Simpson started a new venture known as the Red Butler Music School.


This is an exciting new venture in which we ecnourage and guide young musicians to play and learn together in bands. By utilising modern technology we are able to do this all through heaphones therefore giving a great sound at safe and non disriputive volumes. We provide all of the equipment for a course including drums, microphones, effects units (makes cool sounds for guitars!), mixing desks, heaphones, guitars and basses etc.


We have had incredible feedback from the children and families who have been involved so far, there will be more courses popping up accross school breaks and even weekends so make sure to check out our website at for more! Currently we work with ages 7-14 although we will be explanding in the future, if you or your son/daughter is intersted please get in touch here and we can let you know about the next course.


Pictures/quotes from the previous courses